At Dakuan, lawyers bring to their assignments a focus on quality, responsiveness and values. We are drive by one key principle: individualized client service. 

       Sichuan Dakuan LLP is one of Sichuan’s leading firms providing comprehensive legal services. It was founded in July 1995, and it currently has 120 staffs, including 21 partners, 110 legal professionals, paralegals and administrative staffs.

       Dakuan’s clients including corporations, financial institutions, governmental agencies, quasi-sovereign entities and private and high-net-worth individuals. Dakuan currently provides regular legal consultancy service to more than 400 clients, and has assisted clients to successfully sought damages for multi-billions of dollars. The firm’s accomplishments have been recognized by various business and governmental entities. In 2010, Dakuan was awarded “Sichuan Distinguished Law Firm” by the Department of Justice Sichuan.

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